DAEJEON, South Korea – Pioneering in the field of holotomography, Tomocube Inc. proudly announces the release of its latest innovations: the TomoAnalysis™ software and the HT-ready 96 Well Plate, designed to revolutionize high-content analysis and high-throughput experiments. 

TomoAnalysis™: Unleashing the Full Potential of Holotomography 

TomoAnalysis™ represents a significant leap in the field of cellular imaging. This versatile software tool offers customizable analysis pipelines tailored to diverse research needs, enabling researchers to refine multi-modal image data, extract meaningful measurements, and perform in-depth quantitative analyses​​. Key features include 3D Visualization, Refractive Index-based Thresholding, Fluorescence Signal Segmentation, and Quantitative Measurement​​. 

TomoAnalysis™ is designed to support a wide range of applications, such as Cell Instance Segmentation, Lipid Droplet Quantification, and Fluorescence-based Analysis. Its streamlined workflow, combined with an automated batch analysis feature, significantly enhances productivity and data management efficiency​​. 

HT-ready 96 Well Plate: A New Standard for High-Content Analysis 

The HT-ready 96 Well Plate, specifically designed for use with Tomocube’s HT-X1, sets a new benchmark in high-content analysis. This innovative black 96 well plate is ideal for diverse cell culture conditions and is optimized for inverted microscopy, including holotomography, confocal microscopy, and fluorescence microscopy​​. 

Key features of the HT-ready 96 Well Plate include a stable cell culture environment, superior inner well and whole plate flatness, and zero autofluorescence for clear imaging. The plate is particularly suitable for applications such as high-throughput screening, high-resolution microscopy, real-time live cell imaging, and immunofluorescence staining​​. 

Expanding the Horizons of Cellular Research 

With the introduction of TomoAnalysis™ and the HT-ready 96 Well Plate, Tomocube Inc. continues to demonstrate its commitment to advancing scientific research and innovation. These products not only enhance the capabilities of researchers but also open new avenues for exploration in the field of cellular imaging and analysis. From Sunday to Tuesday (Dec 3-5), the Tomocube team will be at booth #329 of Cell Bio 2023 to showcase these exciting advancements in Holotomography technology. Visitors can experience firsthand how Tomocube is setting new standards in cellular imaging and analysis. 

For more information about TomoAnalysis™ and the HT-ready 96 Well Plate, please visit www.tomocube.com. 

About Tomocube Inc. 

Founded in Daejeon, South Korea, Tomocube Inc. specializes in developing cutting-edge holotomography microscopy and imaging technologies. The company's commitment to innovation and excellence has positioned it as a leader in the field, providing scientists and researchers around the world with tools to expand our understanding of the microscopic world. 

Contact: Sumin Lee, VP of Customer Development, Tomocube Inc. 

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