Tomocube AI

We see the microscopic world faster and more efficiently with artificial inteligence technology

Tomocube AI technology helps to see what we want to see

We train AI to mimic the activity of recognizing a single cell. Through this process, we are developing AI that can identify individual cells and subcellular organelles more quickly (segmentation) and visually process each of them to make researchers utilize them efficiently (coloring).

Tomocube AI technology helps to know what we’ve seen

We are developing AI to learn the activity of observing cells. From this, AI can differentiate cells and tell what they are (classification). This is a time-consuming activity that requires experienced researchers, complicated analytical instruments, and significant amounts of time and efforts; AI technology can make this process faster and more efficient.

We hope, Tomocube AI technology will help to predict the microscopic world

Ultimately, we will build our AI technology to learn how to reassemble and analyze our image data to predict cell behavior and dynamics of the microscopic world. Our new imaging technology and AI will take medical diagnosis and biotechnology a step further.

Innovate the way we see life